The Esoteric School Of Higher Learning

Our Vision

Imagine an entire world of human beings living and breathing on the basis of Love Itself. Without warring, without judgement, without boundary, without separation, yielded as only Love. Together, creating an energetic field which allows the consciousness of Love itself to spread like a wildfire across the earth plane. Imagine such a possibility… To create this as a prototype for this world is the longing… And that is what this Alchymie is all about.

Our Mission

It is our sincerest heartfelt plea, that there may yet be time to touch enough hearts to allow truly human men and women, who will make a difference, so that Love can take hold here and that we do have a place on into the future for all human hearts to exist. To allow all to awakening to the recognition that we are eternally loved and that our dependence is on the Divine Source itself and on nothing less, is our mission.

The Foundation For Real Transformation

Alchymie is about Heart Awakening; the transmutation of density and the unenlightened disposition, into the Gold of Enlightenment or Heart Intelligence. True spiritual transformation has all the elements of Alchymie – it requires a huge amount of heat applied steadily over years to make a difference to the usual consciousness, which is dense, karmic and lead-like. Gold is simply the symbol of enlightenment. Thus, this Alchymie is part of the Hermetic tradition, although it is utterly different from the commonplace understanding — it is not even historical, it is a new expression of it, a renewed vision, through Divine inspiration and the Hermetic spirit.

To differentiate this Alchymie from the association of alchemy with early chemistry, we spell the word as it was in the old language – Alchymie — and call the artefacts Alchymeic. This reflects our understanding of Alchymie as real spiritual transformation. This work is Hermetic Science. Here, science is to mean more than what science means today. Herein, science is to mean not merely an examination of the gross physical dimension, but an examination of the whole cosmic presentation, which is the Absolute Unity. This meaning of the word science can certainly achieve a unity with spirituality, therefore existing beyond all duality, beyond left and right, male and female, high and low. Each tiny aspect of the cosmos is thus bipolar.

Our Founders

The Alchymist & Philosopher’s Stone

There is an extraordinary story behind the creation of the Way Of Alchymie. This is no ‘ordinary’ story… It is a story of a life time dedicated to the process of awakening and transformation within Consciousness – with one purpose – to touch and bless as many beings as possible.

Jessa O’My Heart & Showme Showers Heaven’s Bliss are the Alchymist & Philosopher’s Stone – the polar forces responsible for the creation and birthing of the Alchymie. The Way of Alchymie has been founded upon their life’s work of dedication to the process of Awakening and Transformation for the sake of all who are ready for such a  journey themselves. Their hearts’ desire has always been for many more beings to be given the same opportunity for growth and to awaken as they have.

All of their work can be connected with, enjoyed and shared through the teaching work of The Esoteric School Of Higher Learning and the Alchymeic Products. 

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