Angel Alchymie Workshops

A delightful and uplifting weekend workshop that holds you in Angel’s wings for two glorious light-filled days at the exquisite Garden of Light.

Discover the full range of Angel Alchymie, including individual energy-imbued wands, the complete Angel Energy Pack, exquisite pendant collection and the breathtaking Eternal Light House of Angelic Realms.

‘One can come to abide in a knowing of that Eternal Current of Angelic Realms. These are the dimensions that exist always and already, and as attention starts to move upward, they can be known and experienced whilst alive in mortal form. It is allowing us to know ‘As Above, So Below’ and the passage through to Eternal existence. … Each Layering of angels is the invocation to be participants in helping us create this ‘hole’ in the Universe – that we truly may know ‘As Above So Below’ and the Eternal passage whilst alive.

Five Day Thresholder Adaptation

A full practitioner training programme for those who are ready to take the Alchymie tools to other, or incorporate them more deeply into their own living practice. This five day programme takes you on a journey of the first five Threshold Packs, allowing you a day to immerse in the passage that each system of energies represent. This workshop comes with a training manual so that you can continue your practice at home.

The 300 Vial Arranging Pack Weekend Immersion

This is the most concentrated set of Alchymeic Energies available. The 300 Vial Pack is the summary of the Alchymie in vial form and brings us to a point of total immersion in the Mystery School of Higher Learning. It represents a lifetime of awakening to the esoteric wisdom of all traditions and brings such a force of Light, we are left in awe. We are called to a whole new level of awakening with this Pack.

The Passage of the Energy Houses

The Energy Houses help to create energetic sanctuary, by creating an environment that is clear and aligned to supporting our highest potential. 

There are currently seven Energy Houses in the Alchymeic range, each one a portal or passage through a profound process of Heart Awakening. 

This two-day workshop held at the Garden of Light guides you through this transformative passage in an exquisite country setting.

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